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63 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite C, Frederick, MD 21702. Have a question? Call 301-696-0600 or e-mail info@physiciansfootwear.com Physician's Footwear and Pedorthics

Shoes and Foot Aids

Since every foot is a different shape, there is no “one size fits all”.

'Physician’s Footwear' offers casual, dress and athletic styles that are engineered for support and alignment, and are hand-crafted from a variety of fine-grade leathers that cradle your feet softly.

Sizes range from extra-narrow to extra-wide, in quality brands, such as SAS, Orthofeet, Aetrex and Brooks, a recognized leader in athletic shoe technology. 'Physician’s Footwear' also has specialty styles, such as Haflinger, which are 100% boiled wool clogs with a built-in arch support and a wide toe area, and Dansko,a leader in footwear for professionals.

Arch Supports

Over-the-counter arch supports offer a less costly alternative to customization. By measuring the foot, an appropriately sized support can be fitted to most shoes.

Compression Stockings

Compression and support stockings provide relief from edema (swelling), varicose veins, poor circulation, or tired and aching legs. JOBST medical legwear combines comfort, health and style in specially knit hosiery that massages muscles and improves circulation.

Foot Aids

'Physician’s Footwear' has numerous products that afford relief for problem-prone feet, such as corn protectors and a variety of pads that cushion and shield sensitive areas, toe separators for hammer toes, and a variety of foot creams and lotions specially formulated for problems like dry, cracking skin, fungus, foot odor and perspiration.

Customizing the fit of the shoe can often solve the foot problem.

‘Physician's Footwear’ offers the only orthopedic shoe repair service in the Frederick area.

A staff member, trained in specialized repair techniques, is available (See ‘Services’ page).

Physician's Footwear is an accredited pedorthic facility at the


Orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes

Diabetic socks

Diabetic socks

Foot aids

Foot aids